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The authority of a web page is of primary concern to many of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, and they are right about it. A number of common SEO tactics just like link building and quality content creation is solely done for a reason of boosting the authority. Though, authority alone can't ensure search exposure, contextual relevance is also required with the query, it is certainly a solid indicator of overall SEO performance.

The worth for the webpage authority is universal and not keyword specific that makes its magic. It means, that a site can be much better for specific keywords. A page authority checker tool thus provides only a rough orientation. If the website is as good as expected for the desired keyword, it may have to be tested along with website authority. As the webpage authority is looking at a profusion of SEO indicators, the best technique to improve them is to develop these known SEO elements.

da pa checker

What you can find or calculate from Moz Domain Authority Metrics?

If you know what is your and your online business website and your competitor website domain authority then you can calculate the following things easily

Check Position

You can easily compare your website position on the Internet in comparison to your competitor websites.

Plan SEO Strategy

You can easily plan the best SEO strategy for your website for coming months with good result according to your plan.

Know Website Quality

You can find quality websites of your theme or niche having good domain authority and acquire backlinks for your website.

How can you improve your website domain authority ?

Domain Authority

DA stands for domain authority checker and it will help for getting top rank in search engine results page and it it is very useful for seo. Domain authority calculated based on many factors like backlinks, how website performed in social media channels etc.

Page Authority

PA stands for page authority ,it will tell quality of the webpage and structure of webpage. Page authority score range from 0 to 100. If you have high page authority score then your website get more organic traffic from search engines and you will get more sales and leads.

DA PA Checker Tool
da pa checker

How to use Domain Authority Checker tool ?

Our domain authority checker tool is very easy to use. A developer, internet user, SEO expert, webmaster or a site owner can use it with these easy steps

In the above blank text area, enter the URLs/ domains/ websites you want to run the check for domain authority.

Once you've entered the URLs of the websites you want to check, click on the "Check" button.

Within a couple of seconds, our tool will get the results.

It not only shows domain authority but also shows page authority of the website.

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