To find an available domain name, use the below search bar to check if your website name is ready to be registered or if it's unavailable. If your domain is already taken, try making an offer to the website owner.

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Domain Availability Checker

How much does a domain name cost ?

Domain name cost can vary by the types of domain extensions (such as .com or .net) and how long you plan on registering the domain for, like if you register annually and automatically renew, or register for up to 10 years at a time. The pricing of any domain name depends on three major factors

A domain with high-demand keywords like "aravalibharat.com" will come with a higher price point. "aravalibharatinternetmarketingservice.com" on the other hand, is more specific to a location and uses some non-standard keywords, so it'll be cheaper.

The TLD is the very last bit of any domain: .com usually has a pretty standard price, as do .net and .org, while .store and .shop can fetch higher prices.

Every domain registrar has some differences in how they price domain names. Some give you a great domain price for the first year, then charge a lot for renewal. Others have more standardized pricing schemes.

Domain cost

Why domain SEO matters ?

Choosing a great and custom domain can actually help your website or blog rank in search engines like Google, help people find your website quickly, and work with online marketing. We've put together some tips for choosing intuitive domains and finding the best domain name to represent your company online. Your domain name identifies who you are, what services you provide, and how you appear in the marketplace. Depending on what you choose to register, your online presence could appear more or less friendly to curious human visitors. Domain SEO impacts almost everything published on your websites - your content, your landing pages, and even your products. Understanding exactly how your domain name affects page rankings and web traffic is critical to the success of your brand.

Domain SEO Matters

Is my domain name available ?

Since there are so many domain name options to choose from, the first thing you want to do is to search domain names to check that your chosen domain name is still available. To begin the domain registration process, you will enter the domain name in the above search / domain check box and then click "Check" for your results. When the search is complete, if your domain name is available, you'll be directed to a page where you can review and purchase it. In the event your domain name isn't available, GoDaddy can provide several variations and extensions of that domain name for you to choose from.

Domain name available or not
choose domain name

How should I choose my domain name ?

Choosing a domain name is important for your website because it represents your brand or business online. We recommend choosing a short domain with relevant keywords so visitors can easily access your website. While your domain can include letters, numbers or hyphens, you'll want to avoid any special characters so it's easy to remember and type into a web browser.

Why do I need a domain name ?

Your domain name is connected to a series of letters and numbers called an IP address which solidifies your online address. Domain names not only add credibility to your brand or business, but also help visitors find you online. Having a branded website can help attract visitors to your business. You can increase your online visibility through marketing and rank higher on search engines with the help of Aravali Bharat SEO Service. Without a domain name, people would have to remember your IP address. This could be confusing to remember or easily forgotten and would ultimately prohibit you from ever growing your website audience.

Need of domain name
Working of domain name

How does a domain name work ?

Best domain name explanation - it's your address on the Internet. This address in actuality is a series of numbers used to find and identify computers on the web called Internet Protocol (IP). While it is not practical to remember a series of numbers for a website, domain names were created to convert those numbers to ease-to-remember names and phrases. Therefore, when a user types in www.aravalibharat.com, the Domain Name System (DNS) translates the domain name into IP numbers. The Internet then uses these numbers to connect to Aravali Bharat website.

Why should I keep my domain name registered ?

Once you get a domain name, any failure to keep it registered could cost you your whole online identity. Domain names can only be registered for a year so you will need to keep a tab on your expiry date and renew it at least 2 weeks before expiration. If you lose your domain name, your Registrar will then own it and sell it to the highest bidder. It's a good practice to keep all your information registered properly - billing and administrative contacts are updated and email addresses are active. Notifications of renewals and price hikes will be sent to the registered email addresses. Missing out on such emails could put you at a risk of losing your domain name which in turn means losing your brand online, your online presence and the awareness you built.

domain name registered
use of domain name

What should I use as a domain name ?

Your domain name should be a word or phrase that's catchy and easy to remember and of course, relevant to your / blog / topic. If it is a professional website, be sure to use the company name in the domain name. If it is a blog, think of a name related to the content you will be putting out (e.g. food, fashion etc.) It's also a good idea to keep your domain name short (between 5 - 20 characters) for easy recall. Avoid using short-forms or difficult phrases. Avoid numbers in a domain name so as to eliminate confusion between '1' and 'One', for example. Most importantly, pick a domain name you would be proud to give out as your web address.

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