Important role of keyword in SEO

SEO Keywords

What is an SEO keyword?

A keyword is a term or group of words that users search on the search engine.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density means how many times we repeat the keyword or synonyms in content. Suppose that keyword is repeated three times in 100 words then keyword density will be 3%. White Hat SEO practitioner says that keyword density should be 1%-2%.

What is keyword volume?

Keyword volume simply means is how many times a specific keyword gets searched on the search engine in a month. 

What is keyword difficulty? 

Keyword difficulty means how much it is hard to rank targeting keywords on search engines. 100% means hard to rank the keyword and 1% means easy to rank. 

What is keyword competition? 

A keyword competition means how many businesses are targeting the same keyword or want to get ranked. 

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing means when we over-optimize keywords in the content. Generally, it is a practice of black hat SEO. 

What is keyword Ranking?

It means, the rank of a particular keyword on the search engines. 

What is Keyword proximity?

Keyword proximity means the distance between a specific search term’s individual words. Uhhh, I think it is a little bit confusing? Not? 

Let’s understand from the example If your keyword is “man sports shoe” and the content is “the black man looking superb in the red sports shoe”. Then search term proximity is “5” between man and sport and “0” between sports and shoe. 

What is keyword cannibalisation?

Keyword cannibalisation happens when you try to target or rank more than one page for similar keywords.

What are the Keyword match types?

There are three keyword match types broad, phrase or an exact match. 

What is Keyword prominence?

Keyword prominence is a best SEO practice to use the targeted keywords early in the content. This technique sends the signals to google about what the pages should rank for.

What is keyword stemming?

It refers to google’s ability to understand the different word forms of a specific search query. 

What is the Long-tail keyword?

  • Generally, it is longer than the “short” or “head” keyword. 
  • It is a more specific keyword. 
  • It has low search volume than a generic keyword.
  • You can make your targeting narrow using this keyword.

Google Keyword Planner

It is a tool of Google to do keyword research. You can find the volume and competition on a specific keyword with the help of this tool.

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