Top 5 SEO mistakes that you must avoid

Top 5 SEO mistakes that you must avoid

Top 5 search engine optimization(SEO) mistakes that you must avoid
  25 Apr 2024        SEO
Many marketers and business owners fail to get results from their search engine optimization efforts. Often, it's because they're falling prey to common SEO mistakes.

Mistake #1

Considering SEO is DEAD

Although it's been long debated, assuming that SEO is dead can be one of the biggest mistakes. We as humans love to explore and search for information and hence we are never bored of searching for things, places, information, people, etc. While it is true that with time the search algorithm and way we search have evolved today and hence more and more people are using voice search, image search, and near-me search options.

Mistake #2

Have a non-responsive website

This can be a major reason to lose on ranks or never come up on top rankings; websites that are not mobile-friendly, have a very bleak chance of being on top rankings of Google or any search engine. So, make a wise decision and revamp your website to make it mobile-friendly. It never hurts to have a responsive website that enhances the user experience across all devices.

Mistake #3

Targeting Wrong Keywords

This has been one of the biggest reasons people have failed in SEO over the last many years. Targeting the wrong keywords, which can be either too generic, long-tail or even non-relevant keywords can be futile for the overall SEO efforts. The focus should be on user intent rather than on search volumes and competition.

Mistake #4

Lack Of Consistency

Many people start with SEO considering it as an Ad campaign with short-term goals and end up pausing it too frequently. Any SEO effort should be consistent (minimum 1 year) and driven by long-term goals. Too frequent changes or modifications in the SEO campaign may produce zero or negative results.

Mistake #5

Black Hat SEO is Fast

Well lot of people have tried this and soon realized that it does not work, You may have seen a few results like that but then that's an exception and not a rule. One needs to be very lucky to get the right results with black-hat SEO techniques. In SEO, shortcuts are generally not recommended.

Some Facts :

  • Only 30% of website owners consider SEO seriously and hence reap great results!
  • 92% of the sites on the 1st Page of Google are Responsive Websites!
  • More than 50% of SEO campaigns fail due to wrong keyword selection!
  • Less than 20% SEO campaign delivers good results in the result 6 months.
  • 60% of the website owners are unaware of black hat SEO implemented on their website!
  • 62% of website owners decide on their SEO partner based on the cost and not capabilities.

SEO is Cheap and Guaranteed

This one is for people who are always looking for the cheapest and the best SEO professionals, as few people feel that it's all the same. If you are one of these, then beware as the quality standards of SERPs are just going to improve with every update and as we all know, Quality comes at a price! Lastly, no one can guarantee when the next update will be and about what factors, hence in SEO, guaranteed results within a short period are just an illusion and never a reality.


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